March Spending: Modest Progress


Library take-home pay: $1771.47

Interest: $3.02

Trivia income: $35

Support: $786

Refund from Children’s Hospital: $466.72

Colorado tax refund: $481

Shopping return: $74.27

Total income: $3617.48


ATM fees: $2.50 (reimbursable)

Rent: $1072.79

Household items: $20.81

Laundry: $40

Renter’s insurance (quarterly): $33.50

XCel (electric): $18.47

Ting: $24.52

Comcast: $9.95

Groceries: $320.03

Wine: $6.47

Oil change plus car wash: $82.44 (Evidently my car runs on synthetic oil and this is very expensive)

Gas: $46.12

Parking: $3

Miscellaneous kids (allowances plus a field trip): $40

Occasional after-school care: $68

Adult health spending: $189.44 (asthma medicine–OUCH)

Restaurants: $28.46

Coffee and donuts: $42.36

Adult clothes and sewing notions for making adult clothes: $124.20

Haircut, hiking poles, something from Target, and other miscellany: $147.59

Child care punch card at the gym: $15

Cat supplies: $27.45

Total spending: $2363.10


This was another windfall month, and I both bolstered some savings/spending categories (setting aside money to refresh work wardrobe, for instance) and set aside some money for investing. I would like to point out that my spending, though not particularly restrained, was under my “regular” income.

Groceries continue to get away from me. I drank only one bottle of wine all month but apparently spent an unreasonable amount of money on coffee and donuts.

My paychecks have dipped a little because I have more money going into my HSA, which I am trying to grow as an investment vehicle but which doubles as an emergency fund.

So, not an exciting month, but everything on track. I still need a better-paying job. While I see places I can trim a little, let’s be honest: My spending is killer low. The income side is where the improvement is needed. Especially as I would like to be less dependent on support from the XFP.

How was your March?



About frugalparagon

I'm a part-time librarian and mom to two small boys. I blog about striving for the long-term goal of financial independence while running a tight ship at home.

4 responses to “March Spending: Modest Progress”

  1. EHA says :

    Nice work this month! Regarding your asthma medication, have you tried GoodRx or Blink Health? Even with insurance, they are often helpful in lowering your costs (particularly if you are in the deductible phase).

    • frugalparagon says :

      I hadn’t heard of either of those, but when I just looked they were showing prices at least $40 higher than what I paid at Kaiser. Maybe the tip will help someone else! I should check the price at Costco next time, though. It only counts toward my deductible if I use the Kaiser pharmacy but I have an HDHP that I will probably never meet (because I also have copay relief from CICP).

  2. alia says :

    Looks like you did very well this month! And you also have some money left…. Something I do to lower clothes and shoes cost is when grandma asks about easter or christmas presents I let her know about something we ll need to buy for example babys sandals , pj’s or boots etc. My personal financial struggle is weight fluctuations…I own millions of clothes but nothing ever fits me properly…so I have to keep buying more clothes

    • frugalparagon says :

      Good tip! My boys have gotten lots of nice “weekend” clothes and light jackets and things like that from family members. Unfortunately, school uniforms are pricey and make terrible presents :-).

      I have the same problem with weight. I never want to buy clothes if I’m up a few pounds and I always have things I don’t fit that year.

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