July 2015 Net Worth Check

So… I am two months plus behind on this. Haven’t done it since January. Oops!

Obviously our situation has changed since we bought a house–not so much as far as our actual net worth, as where it is distributed. In other news, we have switched from Mint to Personal Capital. I just found Mint very clunky and awkward to use, and kept hearing good things about PC… we’ll see.


Cash: $3840.75 (includes our emergency reserve of about $2K)

Investments: $53,389.03 (This used to be more, but we spent my Roth IRA on a giant pile of bricks). New in this category: Mr. FP’s traditional IRA. We will owe taxes on the capital gains that were part of my IRA balance when we cashed it out, so decided to do a traditional IRA to help offset that.

  • My rollover IRA: $18,222.11
  • Mr. FP’s traditional IRA: $2,944.28 (He is rather depressed that this has already gone down–he just opened it with $3K a couple of weeks ago!)
  • Mr. FP’s old 403(b): $32,221.88

Property: $308,000 (assuming that the value of our house is exactly what we paid for it). We do not count our cars in this category.

Total assets: $365,229.78


Credit Cards: $2873.70

Mortgage: $293,278.43

Total liabilities: $296,152.13

TOTAL NET WORTH: $69077.65

Since January, that’s a change of $883. Hard to believe it has stayed so steady! On the other hand, at least it hasn’t gone down. The market has not been great and we have been seriously hemorrhaging money on things for the house. Normally we don’t run around buying used pianos and photo prints and whatnot.

When I started this blog in January 2015, I was surprised to find that our net worth was over $50K–it was at that time $51,681.47. That’s an increase over the last year and a half of $17, 396.18, or 33.7%.

Let’s call that “good, with room for improvement.” The next big question: When will we add that fifth zero?

How’s your net worth growing? How do you track it?



About frugalparagon

I'm a part-time librarian and mom to two small boys. I blog about striving for the long-term goal of financial independence while running a tight ship at home.

4 responses to “July 2015 Net Worth Check”

  1. David says :

    Our NW has been mostly flat this year as well, though with a raise coming this month we will go back on a debt killing spree soon.

    I track it using YNAB and on a separate spreadsheet that’s got a longer history. I update all of the loan principals and off-budget investment balances once a month using the statement reconciliation button.

    Some would say you should count the net value of the house. While FSBO is always an option, you’ll typically end up paying 3-6% to sell a house, so that’s the “real” value of the asset. But as long as you track is consistently, that’s what matters.

    • frugalparagon says :

      Oooh, I hadn’t thought of that “real value” aspect of the house. I’ll have to think that over. I’m already playing a little fast and loose using the sale value instead of the lower Zestimate. (House values in Denver are wonky right now. Our first appraisal came in at about $275K and then the second came in at $310K.) Thanks!

      • David says :

        Zestimates are crap. Appraisals have weight, but they’re also a mixed bag. *Technically* the house is worth just what you paid (after all, something is worth what someone is willing to pay), minus transaction fees. Once the sale is no longer so recent (more than 12 months) you can try and make a best-guess of present value based on comps in the area.

        But I really wouldn’t worry about it. From a retirement perspective, house value really shouldn’t factor into your NW or “FI number” – unless and until you’re actually tapping it.

  2. frugalparagon says :

    That’s what I think! Hopefully we will live there indefinitely, at least until the boys are grown and/or no longer needing a yard. Then we can reevaluate our housing needs versus the value of our house versus downsizing. I mean, I include the mortgage and home value because it shows that we are not debt-free, but really buying a house had minimal effect on our net worth.

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