Our Honda Fit Is Magic

Right after our move last month, we somewhat reluctantly became a two-car family again. For the rest of the school year–over two months at that point–I will be driving Big Brother to his current preschool, fifteen miles round trip; my workplace is a different seven-plus miles from our house and Mr. FP’s is ten.* Because I need the car every single weekday for that preschool dropoff, we thought we’d all be happier with an extra set of wheels.

Next year, Big Brother will be attending his neighborhood school, and there will be more wiggle room–we CAN both take a bus or bike to work, just not necessarily every single day–so we may go back to being a one-car family again. Aside from the cost issue, there’s the trouble involved. Two sets of oil changes, two sets of snow tires to take on and off, etc. It seems strangely extravagant not to have to negotiate for the car every day, even though by modern American standards, we “need” two cars.

Any way, we bought a 2008 Honda Fit Sport using a small life insurance policy left us to Mr. FP’s grandmother, who died earlier this year. And the timing could not have been better, because, with our move, we were finally ready to upgrade our furniture. Two dressers, for instance, are not adequate to the needs of a family of four. Craigslist sellers, Big Lots, and the local Presbyterian youth group yard sale have all benefited from our spending spree

Here’s a partial list of the things we have shoved into our Fit since we bought it:

  1. A twin-sized mattress. (This was the only time we left the hatch open; all other times, it was closed.) ($175)
  2. Two three-drawer dressers. At the same time. ($40)
  3. An overstuffed armchair in nearly new condition. ($10)
  4. One six-drawer dresser. ($21)
Comfy. And it swivels. Mr. FP loves swivel.

Comfy. And it swivels. Mr. FP loves swivel.

We got two of these excellent-condition dressers for $40 at a church yard sale.

We got two of these excellent-condition dressers for $40 at a church yard sale.

And the piece de resistance:

  1. A dining room table with six chairs. ($80) Yes, all at once. And even though Mr. FP had forgotten to leave the car seats behind.
The legs can be unscrewed for better portability, a trick we learned in our last move using a 16-foot truck).

The legs can be unscrewed for better portability, a trick we learned in our last move (using a 16-foot truck).

I can only conclude that it’s like that Ford Anglia that Arthur Weasley bewitched so that it could carry all kinds of things. Except that the Fit does not, so far as we have been able to ascertain, actually fly. The only thing that wouldn’t fit in the Fit was Big Brother’s new loft bed. We had to rent one of those Home Depot vans for $20 or so.

So… it’s a tiny car that gets, in our experience, about 30 mpg (way better than my elderly Accord). We paid less than $6K for it. And it has saved us probably hundreds of dollars in delivery charges. Who needs a pickup truck?

Does your car help you perform badass acts of self-reliance?

*Our workplaces are far apart, so close to one would have screwed the other partner. Plus, we either didn’t want or couldn’t afford to live in those neighborhoods.


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I'm a part-time librarian and mom to two small boys. I blog about striving for the long-term goal of financial independence while running a tight ship at home.

3 responses to “Our Honda Fit Is Magic”

  1. Mrs. Frugalwoods says :

    That’s an awesome amount of stuff shoved into a fairly small car! The Fit is high on our list of possible replacements for when Frugalwoods-mobile finally croaks (she is a 19-year-old car after all) and I’m glad to hear you can haul so much. I really love the amount of cargo space we have right now with the minivan, but we’d love to have better gas mileage. Nice Craigslist finds too, by the way!

    • frugalparagon says :

      Thanks! We’re happy with them :-). The Fit has nice head room for a small car–better than the Accord, for instance–but Mr. FP wishes it had armrests and a dead foot pedal. I did not notice the lack of dead foot pedal, as I can’t reach it anyway! When replacement time comes, I think you will find that the Fit makes a lot more sense than a minivan unless you have a passel of Frugal Babies by then–it has a lot of haulage ability and the lower purchase price and better gas mileage should more than make up for the rare occasions when you might need to rent a truck.

  2. Tarynkay says :

    I fit two car seats in the back of my 2001 VW Golf and I can put a booster seat in between them as needed, so I wouldn’t rule the Fit out as a mom-car. I am not going to lie, I would love a minivan. But my clown car has been paid off for years now and it gets fantastic mileage (it is a stick and a diesel) so I can deal with it.

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