October 2014 Net Worth Check: Still Rising

I don’t pay much attention to the stock market. I just assume it will go up over time, and if I have money to invest, I invest it. Apparently it hasn’t been a great few months, stocks-wise, but our net worth did not drop. The reason it did not is that we are not wealthy. The growth in our net worth comes entirely from our savings out of our current income. Because our net worth is still relatively low compared to our income, our savings more than offset losses from the market. Anyway, here’s where we stand:

Cash: $6875.42

Investments: $59,225.48 (Up 7.5%, all of it new money that I put in my Roth)

  • Mr. FP’s 403(b): $30,450.13 (up by $18)
  • Mrs. FP’s rollover IRA: $17,123.83 (down by $48)
  • Mrs. FP’s Roth IRA: $11,680.77 (up because of new investment)

Property: $2000 (1999 Honda Accord)

Credit Cards: -$2592.02

Net Worth: $65,535.88

That’s an increase of $2310.01, or 3.7%. Frankly, I think we should have done better. We’ve been spending money hand over fist on getting settled in Colorado–pint-sized snow boots, a down jacket for Mr. FP, bike supplies, etc. Most of these are (a) one-time purchases that should last many years–the coat, for instance, replaced a Starter jacket circa 1996–and (b) carefully considered purchases meant to support a frugal, outdoorsy sort of lifestyle. Still, I’d like to see us speed up savings by cutting the grocery budget, making fewer donut runs, etc. We tend to keep the holidays pretty low-key, so I’m optimistic that we might see better gains next time.

With the year winding down, where do you stand? Did the stock market cause you sleepless nights, or did you take it in stride?



About frugalparagon

I'm a part-time librarian and mom to two small boys. I blog about striving for the long-term goal of financial independence while running a tight ship at home.

7 responses to “October 2014 Net Worth Check: Still Rising”

  1. Autumn says :

    I haven’t checked in on October yet, but I’m hoping it’s a bit better than September. I have the same attitude about our investments – I pretty much ignore them and just keep adding to them. Following the markets every day would drive me insane. And I’d rather focus my attention on things I can control – my grocery budget for one… Great job on your increase – 3.7% is nothing to sneeze at.

    • frugalparagon says :

      I only check every three months, which minimizes vicissitudes. To me, checking monthly feels a little like weighing yourself every day–it just provides too much information :-). But I seem to be in the blogging minority on that!

      • Moonwaves says :

        I think I’ll join you in that minority. Since everyone else does it, I thought it’d be a good idea. First time was great, although the gains were so high on a couple of my pensions that I was sure there must be a mistake. Last week it was time again so I started checking and not only were they all lower than a month ago, most of what I could check was lower than when I first started making a list. I think I may stick with once or twice a year from now on. Whenever I get around to setting up an ordinary investment account of some kind, I’ll check that more regularly but for now almost all of my savings is in pensions so it’s all long-haul stuff that can’t really be changed anyway.

  2. Mrs. Frugalwoods says :

    I’m with you on not checking the market too often or stressing about it. I’m invested for the long-term and I just can’t worry about it on a daily basis. Wouldn’t be healthy for me and I’d probably be tempted to panic! Best to avoid the panic 🙂

  3. thesingledollar says :

    Congrats on the good month!

    I am the weirdo who checks how the retirement accounts are doing almost daily (I do a mint.com check pretty much every night, just to make sure nobody’s stolen my credit card number lately, checks have been cashed, whatever — I like to keep on top of stuff) but ONLY because it doesn’t bother me much when things drop. I enjoy the days when they go up a few bucks, and don’t have feelings of panic when they go down.

    I also weigh myself daily though, so. I just like to know what’s happening, while knowing not to take daily fluctuations seriously.

    • frugalparagon says :

      Well, we all have hobbies :-). I feel like I’m losing work time (since I work from home whenever) when I’m checking Mint, so I don’t do it as often as I should.

      Mr. Rogers used to weigh himself every day. For almost his entire adult life, he weighed precisely 143 pounds.

  4. Tawcan says :

    An increase of 3.7% seems pretty good considering that the stock market was very volatile last month. I try not to check the news and market too much. 🙂

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