Goal Setting: Is It Working?

A couple of weeks, I posted about trying to use goal-setting to push myself to get more done.

As usual, I’m getting mixed results. On the one hand, making a list of weekly goals does help move tasks that have been languishing on my long to-do list. I have, for instance, mended a purse that’s been on the list for months. On the other hand, making a list of tasks does not, by itself, create more hours in the day. What it does do is help select a task to fill a certain period of time. Right now, for instance, I am on hold with my health insurance company (current length of call, 54 minutes 25 seconds) and have already crossed a few small items off the list while waiting. The pre-curated list helps me just pick something.

This is my general procedure:

  1. I have a designated time every week (Monday afternoons; I tend to think of a week being Monday-Sunday) when I make up a new list of goals.
  2. I put 10-15 items on it in a mix of difficulty levels/time taken. Some are tiny, specific items, like signing up for CreditKarma, while others are more long-term, like how much money I’d like to make.
  3. I keep a master to-do list of items that I would like to get to eventually, and I draw my 10-15 items from that list.
  4. I never add to my weekly list after I’ve made it unless there is something truly time-sensitive; this week, for instance, I landed a job interview to prepare for. If necessary, I then take something else off the weekly list. If something comes up that’s not urgent–for instance, my aunt sent me a present this week and I need to write her a thank-you note–I add it to my master list.
  5. I never look at the master list except when I am preparing my weekly list. This forces me to concentrate on the items on my weekly list.
  6. I don’t put normal chores on the list. I know I need to make a grocery list and shop, no need to write it down.
  7. When I have several hours to work, I will sometimes make a mini-list of tasks to accomplish during those hours.

As I’ve been doing this for a few weeks, I’ve made a few refinements in how I allocate tasks. I’ve been separating them more. For instance, I wrote “write two blog entries” the first week, but I wrote just one. One goal failed, zero goals met. But if I make those two separate tasks, and write just one, then I have missed a goal but also met one.

I’m also changing how I make goals for earning money. I was setting just one lofty goal, and frankly I haven’t even gotten close. From now on, I’m going to make one low goal, say to earn $200 pr $225 depending on what else is going on that week, and a second goal, say to earn $250. Then if I earn $221, I’ve met one goal and failed at another. Otherwise, no matter how little I earn, I’ve only missed one goal. That should keep me motivated even if I know I won’t make my “top” goal.

Readers, any advice-setting goals for me? How do you keep yourself motivated to get things done?


About frugalparagon

I'm a part-time librarian and mom to two small boys. I blog about striving for the long-term goal of financial independence while running a tight ship at home.

4 responses to “Goal Setting: Is It Working?”

  1. auntariescabin says :

    You are speaking my language, ever-so-fluently! I do love a list. Sitting down with a pristine tablet of paper and my favorite pen, or opening the document on my computer desktop called “Other To-do” makes me feel as though anything is possible and that I can probably wrangle my entire life into order if I can get the list JUST RIGHT. Of course, sometimes I realize I’m using that list-making time as a way to avoid actually getting started on a task (“Let’s see, I have the list, but perhaps I should also put it in order of relative importance, add the approximate length of time each item will take to complete, perhaps add a little color-coding…”) Seriously, though, the structure of a list is something that works for me, especially if there is a deadline involved, or a lot of moving parts.

    • frugalparagon says :

      LOL, setting aside a certain time might help keep you from getting carried away with the listing :-). I find that making a list reduces my anxiety. I worry about forgetting things and feel overwhelmed; writing them down makes it all feel more manageable somehow.

  2. mrs TIP says :

    you’ve been nominated for a Versatile Blogger Award! it’s linked up today.


    p.s. i’ve been a lurker on the blog, but shame on me for not commenting before now!

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