August Review

I got all vacation-y in August. Some of my goals I blew out of the water; others wound up in the “fail” column.  Here’s how it breaks down:


Goal: $670

Actual: $479.62. Ouch! I still made more than I spent sending the boys to preschool, but just barely. Too many “work” days got eaten up with errands and so on.


I did stay out of Costco all month. Mr. FP used up all the gas and bought more (sigh), but now that he has settled into the school year a bit, he will be biking to work more often. With the boys and me being on vacation for twelve days, we easily kept the grocery bill under $400.

An unexpected expense arose: I had to spend over $200 on a Flovent prescription as my asthma was quite bad. I was puffing on my albuterol three to five times a day, which, if you know anything about asthma, is dangerous and irresponsible. We have only catastrophic health insurance right now (but many plans have a prescription deductible anyway), so I had to cough up for the full amount. Flovent is a pricey one, but it’s a lot cheaper than wheezing myself into the ER!


Successfully tracked spending, including cash gifts and expenditures. Haven’t actually put that into a budget yet.

Lifestyle Adjustments

It would be a stretch to define Little Brother as “potty trained,” but he’s making good progress and is wearing cloth training pants during the day. We’ve been using Pull-Ups for nighttime and things like going to the Y, so the goal for this month will be to reduce that sharply.


I arranged for a library volunteer position and have already gone in once. Sold the baby monitor; nothing on the gate yet. Read a whopping nine books. Yes, nine!  Admittedly, many of them were “genre fiction” (i.e., Agatha Christie novels and trashy romances) that I read on beach vacation while the kids made sand castles and my sister served me a daiquiri, but by no means all of them! Some of them were “real” books.

Stay tuned tomorrow for fresh goals, as one of my goals is to, well, set more goals. How was your August?


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I'm a part-time librarian and mom to two small boys. I blog about striving for the long-term goal of financial independence while running a tight ship at home.

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