My Disposable Diaper Vacation

I’ve posted about cloth diapers on here before, and, to be clear, I’m an advocate. Especially if you buy secondhand and/or use the diapers for more than one kid, there’s a lot of money to be saved, not to mention that it keeps disposable diapers out of landfills. Plus the plain cotton ones feel wet, so I like to use those more often pre-potty training. Little Brother is still in diapers full-time, but will probably starting training in a couple of months or so, and Big Brother still sleeps in them. (For a while, he had to sleep in disposables, but covering the cloth diaper with nylon Gerber pants does the trick.)

But here’s my confession: I don’t love my cloth diapers. They have to be changed every two hours and if you run a little late with the change, they leak. If the kid sleeps crookedly, they leak. If the kid pees too much at once, they leak. They get to smelling bad in between bleachings, and don’t even get me started on poop. (Nothing like walking to a room containing two toddlers wearing cloth diapers, which may or may not be poopy, which they have been wearing all night, which are a little overdue to be bleached.) I also hate folding the damned things, especially stuffing pockets.

So… I took a little vacation. We were having company overnight, Mr. FP was out of town, and I did not want to have cloth diapers stinking up the bathroom or even hanging up drying while our guests were around. That meant I switched into disposables Friday morning, when I washed, and used them until Monday morning. I love the miracle of modern technology that is the disposable diaper. They go so long between changes, almost never leak, and don’t have to be rinsed in the toilet.

They do, of course, take up a lot of room in the trash, still smell bad when they get pooped on, and cost like twenty or twenty-five cents apiece. It helps me stay motivated if I picture each diaper as an actual quarter, going either into the trash with the disposable (boo) or an imaginary piggy bank if I use cloth (yay). Now that my vacation is over, I’m back to the old routine, a little energized by having taken a break.

Are there parts of your routine that seem important, but are a bit of a grind? How do you stay motivated? Do you ever take a break?


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I'm a part-time librarian and mom to two small boys. I blog about striving for the long-term goal of financial independence while running a tight ship at home.

4 responses to “My Disposable Diaper Vacation”

  1. laylamag82 says :

    I can definitely relate – I don’t *love* using cloth diapers, but it still beats the cost and wastefulness of disposables. I had to laugh at the mini rant about the occasional smells and inexplicable leaks, the eyesore of having them sitting out to dry, and of course, the poop. It does make you appreciate the convenience of disposables when you need to use one in a pinch (or when taking a much-needed vacation).
    Hope the blog is going well. I check in on some of the regulars on MMM every once in a while. I started one myself but quickly wound up taking an extended (maybe permanent) break due to time constraints. Glad to see you’re still writing great content!

    • frugalparagon says :

      Thanks for checking in! I particularly like fellow MMM bloggers thegoblinchief and plantingourpennies. I know what you mean about how much you appreciate them in a pinch! I know people who elaborately compare the fit, etc. of various brands of disposables, and to me they ALL feel like miracles :-). Little Brother has actually been asking to wear undies, so hopefully our days cloth diapering are numbered.

  2. Stephanie says :

    I think you must be doing something wrong with your wash routine because my diapers never stink unless there is poop on them. I don’t have to routinely bleach them. I haven’t in months. They always come out smelling like laundry soap. I don’t love rinsing poopy diapers, but other than that, I have zero complaints!

    • frugalparagon says :

      Do you use a top loader? I had a front loader at the time. I did seem to have fewer problems during the brief time after we moved, when we had a top loader, until Little Brother was potty trained.

      Happily, worrying about my wash routine is now behind me :-). Although I do still routinely run a pre-rinse for their hash-marked undies.

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