April 2014 Net Worth Check

Three months ago, I was pleasantly surprised to realize that our net worth was over $50K$51,681.47 to be exact. Since then, we’ve made some changes. For one thing, I haven’t been in school, having finished a DE graduate program in December, meaning I’ve had more time to work. We sold our more expensive car and used the the money to pay down debt. We’ve been holding off on certain purchases (besides the ones I mentioned before, I’ve temporarily given up scrapbooking and we’ve put off buying a new ink cartridge for our printer). And I rolled over my old 403(b) into a shiny new Vanguard IRA.

So here’s how it’s looking in April:

Cash: $3712.36

Investments: $50,722.35

  • Mr. FP’s 403(b): $27,292.21
  • Mrs. FP’s rollover IRA: $16,311.68
  • Mrs. FP’s Roth IRA: &7117.71

Property: $3000 (1999 Honda Accord)

Credit Cards: -$1326.77

Loans: -$1374.51

Net Worth: $54,238.43

That’s a nice increase over a few months ago! Our net worth is up by more than $2500, or almost 5%! Thanks to selling the CRV, our debt is down by over $10,000. Since we have major expenses coming up, we might not be able to knock out that last bit of student loan right away, but I’m still hoping it will bite the dust in the next several months.

Now, the next few months will see some big changes for the Frugal Paragon family. We will be leaving behind our cushy free housing and dining hall food in late May/early June and relocating to Colorado, where we will be paying rent and buying all our own food.  The expense of trekking halfway across the country with two toddlers, the cat, and all our worldly possessions is bound to eat up pretty much all of our cash, but if I work hard and we keep the credit cards in our wallets, I’m hoping we at least won’t lose any ground in the next quarter.


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About frugalparagon

I'm a part-time librarian and mom to two small boys. I blog about striving for the long-term goal of financial independence while running a tight ship at home.

4 responses to “April 2014 Net Worth Check”

  1. Rachael says :

    Best wishes for the move! It can be expensive moving but always an adventure and well worth the hard work and money. My most expensive move was leaving Canada to come back to Australia, together with two teenage boys and my husband. Four flights, a shipping container and real estate fees selling and buying…good bye $40,000!

    Fortunately, your move won’t be anything like that. Enjoy the adventure.

    • frugalparagon says :

      Holy smokes, that’s a big move! Since we don’t have any money, we’re trying to keep costs under a tenth of what your big international move cost. Look for more posts about cheap moving adventures as they unfold…

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